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A long time ago...

In the mid 1950's, in San Bernardino, California, a woman named Nancy would make sandwiches and coffee for any and all of the town's many transient residents.  These "vagabonds", or "hobos", would follow chalk written symbols left by previous travelers, leading them to people who would shelter or feed them, and away from possible dangers. Soon, Nancy's house became a regular stop for many that just hopped out of a box car.  Her thinking was simple...food has no rules!  Be creative, use simple, fresh ingredients, and keep people happy!

Years have passed, and times have changed, however a good sandwich is still a good sandwich! Here at Vagabond Sandwich Company we follow Nancy's simple concept.  Be simple, be fresh, be creative, and make people happy.  So...here's to my Grandma Nancy and her hospitality, and here's to the hobo spirit in all of us. To the open road, new adventures, new people, new places, and of course... a good sandwich!

We use only the best ingredients, sourced locally and made fresh daily, to keep you coming back!  Again and again...